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Judging Criteria

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Competition Rules

Pizza Appearance - 30 Points

  • Crust - Baked correctly, shape, thickness, seasoning, pastry style, too thin to hold ingredients, correct for pizza presented, color, etc.
  • Cheese & Toppings- Cheese melted, correct use of product, baked evenly, color, arrangement, knife skills, portioning of product, technique, etc
  • Overall - Impressiveness & Visual Appeal

Pizza Taste - 50 Points

  • Crust - Flavor, texture (soggy, dry), aroma, oil content
  • Sauce - Flavor, spice level, salt level, thick, thin amount of sauce, appropriate use of product, color
  • Toppings - Do the flavors compliment each other? Bland, strong, appetizing, correct preparation

Pizza Viability - 20 Points

  • Practical to make commercially
  • Creativity of ingredients/design
  • Pizza is a representation of the country of origin

Grand Total Points - 100 Maximum